Why Private School is the Best Choice for Your Child

Students who attend private schools may have a more challenging academic experience, be exposed to a clearer set of values, have greater access to teachers, and feel more secure than local public school options. If you are considering private education for your child, it is important to start the research process as soon as possible. Families love the fact that private schools offer a safe learning environment, with a culture that emphasizes personal responsibility and ethics. The lower staff-to-student ratio allows for greater observation and intervention in case of conflict.

Staff and faculty participation and focus on ethics make a noticeable difference in the school environment. According to a study conducted by the Fraser Institute, 72% of parents in private schools fully agreed with the statement that their school was safe, a factor that they said improved both the quality of their children's educational experience and their ability to achieve it. A strong sense of community and school pride is another significant advantage of a private school. Students must go through an application process to enroll, and many private schools require students to meet certain academic standards. This way, there is a sense of pride from the moment you start the application process.

The size of smaller schools and the opportunities to participate contribute to increasing the sense of community and school pride. Parents will also feel this feeling; 62% of private school parents feel that their school environment is motivating, supportive and nurturing, according to a Fraser Institute survey. Private schools are often smaller than public schools, leading to a smaller average class size. This dynamic benefits students in many different ways. You'll often feel more comfortable sharing your opinion or venturing out to get a guessed answer in a smaller, more intimate setting.

At Hotchkiss, 94% of our students are part of a sports team; this is possible in a private school with 600 students, but it would not be possible in a public school with thousands of students. These extracurricular opportunities allow your student to develop new interests, learn valuable skills, and enter a community or team that will become a vital part of their school experience. Many private schools are committed to providing financial aid options to make education in private schools an affordable and accessible alternative to public school. Hotchkiss School provides tuition assistance in the form of financial aid awards to 33% of our students. You'll find that many private schools are happy to consider your case and offer a financial solution, especially for need-based financial aid applications. Private school offers a different educational experience than public school.

For parents looking for an alternative to the public system that offers strong academic programs, focuses on the development of children in general, and who want to partner with families in the growth of their children, private school may be the answer. With a nationwide debate about the value of a college degree, parents are wondering if private school for their children who go to elementary or high school is also worth it. Depending on the private school you attend, your child may spend the day surrounded by like-minded people from the same circle and economy class. In the public school where I live it is more than 70% white, more than 25% black, and everything else is within the rest less than 5%. At private schools, you'll find incredible resources to support student learning in the classroom, sports field, art studio, and beyond.

I think those who argue that private schools are whiter or more diverse are right, for their particular areas. I notice that many doctors send their children to the local private school and are not funding their retirements. If your learning module contains several families and your parents or other teachers will conduct unique classes just for your school, you may qualify as a private school. If your child shows a predisposition to be good at math or science and your local public school can't offer advanced classes, you may need a private school to expand your child's academic talent. Obviously that had nothing to do with the schools I was in, because at the time I hadn't been to school; my sister taught me. Private schools cost between 50 and 60 grand per child per year here, and if you don't start in kindergarten it's unlikely that your child will be admitted to the waiting list.

If your local schools are good enough and you have no compelling reason to go to a private school (special language or religious curriculum etc.), then of course send your children to a public school.

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