Which Private High School is the Best? A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to choosing the best private high school for your child, there are many factors to consider. From academics to culture and diversity, teachers, clubs, health and safety, resources, facilities and sports, parents need to make sure they are making the right decision. To help you make an informed decision, Stacker has revealed this year's high school rankings based on statistics from the online educational resource Niche. Niche uses several factors to determine the best of the best.

Academics weigh the most, derived from statistics such as state test evaluations, SAT and ACT test scores, graduation rates, and AP enrollment. Least measurable attributes, such as culture and diversity, teachers, clubs, health and safety, resources, facilities and sports, are based on parent and student surveys. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore some of the best private high schools in the United States. From The Hotchkiss School in Andover, MA to Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia and Crystal Springs Uplands School in San Francisco, we will look at what makes these schools stand out from the rest.

The Hotchkiss School in Andover, MA is rated 4 out of 5 stars by Niche and is one of the top private high schools in the country. This North Shore boarding school has an international perspective and offers a balanced mix of religious and traditional education. In Chicago's Chicagoland area there are plenty of out-of-neighborhood school options including private schools, charter schools and CPS selective enrollment schools. One of these is The Latin School of Chicago which invites (and instructs) students to think innovatively.

This North Side school is proud of its South Side Institution which will also succeed off-campus. For those looking for a less expensive option than other schools on this list, there is Sports and Services in the suburbs. Located in northern Seattle is Lakeside School which has an intense academic program that exceeds the rigors of AP classes; therefore AP classes are not offered. Faced with the rigorous demands of the highly competitive college admissions process and increased pressure to enter the right school, parents (most often parents with means) often consider private schools for their children.

To this day, private high schools have positioned themselves as fast tracks for admission to elite universities. To stay relevant, private schools went from promoting themselves as the only option to presenting their education as the best option. Gilman School is a private school for men founded in 1897 and has the distinction of being the first day school in the country. For further enrichment, Gilman offers off-campus programs, exchanges in China and France, and semesters at Mountain School in Vermont. College Prep of Oakland is one of the most selective private day schools in the country with a population of only 320 students.

The diversity of its student population as well as opportunities to connect with the world are telltale factors in a school's commitment to preparing its students for life outside of school. Saint Ann's School is a private coeducational non-sectarian day school located in Brooklyn Heights section of New York City. The Lab School (as it is universally known), which is located on the University of Chicago campus in Hyde Park neighborhood is a private coeducational day school that prides itself on its diverse campus culture.

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