Do Private Schools Get Better Results in the UK?

Seventy percent of students in independent schools achieved the highest A and A* grades for A-level, compared to only 39 percent of students in state schools. Private schools saw an absolute increase in A grades of 9.3 percent this year, compared to 6.2 percent among comprehensive high school students. The rise in A grades in private schools was more than double the 3.8 percent increase seen among students at sixth form colleges.


has revealed that sixth-formers in private schools tend to perform better at A-level than similar students in public schools.Despite the evidence, there is still a common belief that private schools are superior to public schools.

Data from the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and Gallup show that private school graduates have better long-term outcomes. This data, combined with the findings from the study mentioned above, raises the question of how much sense it really makes to compare the performance of private and public schools when student populations are so different. The announcement sparked a series of articles criticizing the apparent inequality that private education produces, both in terms of academic achievement and future labor market results.A final factor to consider when deciding between public and private schools is your child's individual educational needs. If you live in a major city, public schools in your area are likely to have larger classes than public schools in suburban and rural areas.

It is also known that class sizes in private schools are typically smaller than those in state schools. Those with private education are more likely to gain advantages beyond school, with better access to college and greater rewards from the labor market.Only around 5 million students attend private schools, compared to 50 million students in public elementary and secondary schools. Whether you can't afford private school or simply think that public school is the best option, your job as a parent is still to give your child the best education possible. A consolidated school fee plan with a pension funded by my company provided immediate access to funds, solving my cash flow problems, while full payment of accrued pensions will allow me to pay school fees and any outstanding mortgages.Therefore, it follows that students in private schools were more likely to achieve the grades predicted by their teachers, or to be given more weight, than other types of students.

In addition, students in private schools are much less likely to come from disadvantaged backgrounds than their counterparts in state schools. Students in private schools studied 27 percent more facilitating subjects than those in public schools. Pupils in private schools may also have benefited from parental pressure on teachers, while the higher level of prior attainment among pupils in independent schools was a contributing factor.Many parents choose to educate their children privately based on private schools' reputation for higher test scores than the state sector. Not only should you consider the pros and cons of public versus private school, but you should also think about the chances of your child getting into a private school if that is the route you choose.

In contrast, the difference between non-selective state schools and selective state or private schools was much greater.

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