What Private Schools Do Celebrities Use?

Apple and Moses were going to a private school in addition to this, which means that these classes would have taken place on the weekend. However, the precise reasoning is unknown, but we do know that the family was not happy with the education system and wanted to take matters into their own hands. Nor did they want their children to be held to the standard of other children in public and private schools. At one stage, Love Actually and Harry Potter star Emma Thompson had her teenage daughter, Gaia, enrolled in a private school.

While living in Florida, the talented musician attended Pine Crest School and North Broward Preparatory School. However, after that year ended, he returned to his private school where he could be with a variety of children his own age and learn in a more social environment. Let's start with a classic: arguably the most famous private school is Eton, which has taught several famous Britons. The rest of the time, they go to private school and lead quite normal lives, even though they are children of an international superstar.

In addition, homeschooling would allow them to properly integrate their faith into their more flexible system that a fancy private school would not have allowed. But more recently on TikTok there have been videos highlighting celebrities who went to private school. Celebrities choose to homeschool rather than send their children to private school for a variety of reasons. The actor, best known for his roles in The Office and 40-Year-Old Virgin, attended Middlesex School, a private boarding school in Concord, Massachusetts.

New York City's private school system is very different from the kind where you try to get your child into the “best private school for age 2” and that still exists. Best known for her role in Modern Family, the actress attended several private schools, including Calvert School and Garrison Forest School, both in Maryland, before going to St. Amy started at Thaddeus Stevens School, a historically African-American public elementary school in the White House district. From small Catholic schools for girls to larger French-inspired schools, we've taken a look at some of the most popular schools for celebrity boys.

The Oscar-winning actress, best known for her numerous roles in movies and television shows as well as her series of aerobic exercise videos, is also a student at a private school.

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