Private School Consulting: Maximizing Your Chances of Admission

Making the decision to send your child to a private school is one of the most important decisions you can make as a parent. With the help of a private school admissions consultant, you can maximize your chances of admission to the best independent schools of your choice. Gowan Group is an educational consulting organization that serves the needs of independent schools on all fronts, from admissions and enrollment management to advancement and fundraising, and from strategic planning to leadership development. A private school admissions consultant can help you and your child determine what they like best and suggest how to further develop those interests.

They will also help fill any gaps in your student's resume, such as finding options for community service or academic enrichment during the summer and school holidays. By knowing your child's personality and interests, a private school admissions consultant will help you develop a competitive applicant profile. Consultants are professionals who charge a fee for their services and can guide families through the details of the admissions process, saving them a significant amount of time researching schools and increasing the likelihood of a successful private school search. Few decisions in your life will be as important as how and where your children will be educated, and we can help you overcome the complexities of applying to the right list of schools, without the stress and anxiety that often accompany such a process.

Our office is conveniently located just outside of Boston, in the picturesque town of Wellesley, and we offer services for families interested in finding day schools, boarding schools and independent universities for their children. These knowledgeable and experienced professionals guide families through the independent school admissions process, ensuring that they maximize their children's chances of admission to their dream schools and take the lead in managing deadlines, application materials, and important deadlines. Almost all private schools request essays from both students and parents, which can mean a dozen or more short answers and essay answers to write, write, edit, and review. David began his career at Berkshire School as the quintessential “triple threat” boarding educator, teaching English and history, coaching hockey, baseball and soccer, and running student residences for boys and girls.

Kolia has developed a wide range of skills while serving in a range of leadership roles, including 18 years as a school principal. He graduated from Albertus Magnus College with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and is married with four adult children, all of whom have continued the family tradition of excellence in private schools. We offer personalized consultations for many leadership divisions of a private school: the Board of Trustees, school principals, the Business Office, the Development Office, enrollment management professionals, marketing professionals, and academic leaders. Independent schools care a lot about what students do outside of the classroom, especially since course grades in elementary and middle school sometimes reflect behavior rather than ability.

Independent schools generally interview both students and parents during the admissions process, and a private school admissions counselor can let you and your child know what to expect and help you prepare strong answers. Take advantage of a full range of planning, facilities and operations consulting services that give your school a solid foundation for the future. Independent school consultants with the best experience in private school leadership provide the best solutions for every level of your school culture. If you're sure your child wants to attend private schools, it's important to apply to some “accessible” schools as well as some “safer” ones. Andrew's Episcopal School (SAES) demonstrates how to provide informative tours to prospective families and how to empower students to provide introspective answers to questions about school life, academic rigor, diversity and inclusion, school life balance and life after graduation. With 35 years of experience working in independent school education, Gowan Group provides personalized consultations that will help you maximize your chances of admission to the best independent schools of your choice. Our knowledgeable professionals guide families through the independent school admissions process with expertise that ensures they maximize their children's chances of admission to their dream schools.

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